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Locations of Sales Offices, Manufacturing Plants, and Warehousing of Aladdin Kerosene Lighting and Heating Products

Aladdin Worldwide
Sign with Aladdin Blue Flame Heater Series 15 courtesy Dick & Debbie Patak

J. W. “Bill” Courter

The Mantle Lamp Company of America and Aladdin Industries, Inc were multinational companies with offices, warehouses, joint ventures and affiliate companies around the world. Aladdin manufactured and sold many products in addition to lamps and heaters.

The following list includes locations of Aladdin sales offices where kerosene products were sold, manufactured or warehoused. These records were compiled from historical records including company reports, retired employees, sales brochures and price lists. I am as accurate as sparse records and memories allow. If anyone finds records or printed documents that help date Aladdin operations in these or other countries please contact the author.

This information will help identify and date collectible lamps and heaters and related literature, advertising and cartons.

United States*

The Mantle Lamp Company of America, Inc. 1908-1949
Aladdin Industries, Inc. 1949-1998
Aladdin Industries LLC 1998-present
Chicago 1909-1949
Greenford Products 1965-1976
Portland 1909-1949
Waterbury 1909-1914
Dallas 1911-1913
New York City 1915-1925
Philadelphia 1921-1929
Alexandria, IN 1926-1952
Nashville 1949-2000
Aladdin Export Division 1950-1984
Aladdin Western Export Corp. 1963-1984
Aladdin Lighting & Heating, Inc. 1977-1984
Clarksville, TN 2000-present
Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company 1999 - present


The Mantle Lamp Company of America, Inc. 1909-1950
Aladdin Industries Ltd. 1950-1953
Aladdin Industries (Canada) Ltd. 1953-1984
Winnipeg 1909-1929
Montreal 1909-1928
Toronto 1927-1961
Rexdale/Aurora 1961-1984


Aladdin Industries Limited  
London—original office 1919-1931
London—other offices  
Greenford 1930-1982
Pontardawe 1954-1975
Hartlepool 1970-1982
Swansea Forestfach 1973-1979
Ystradgynlais-Woodlands 1979-1981
Abercrave 1981-present
Watford 1985-1990
Aladdin Sales & Marketing Ltd. 1998 - present
Hemel Hempstead 1990-present
South Wales 1990-present


Industries Aladdin S.A.  
First office 1929-1985
Second office 1985-1995


Sherkate Aladdin Iran  
S. S. Santani Aladdin Dar Iran  
Teheran 1959-1978


Sinaat Aladdin (Iraq) W.L.L.  
Baghdad 1966-1978


Amman 1965-1985


Al Khalili & Sons Trading Co. LLC  
D. J. Sampat & Co.  
Ruwi 1965 – 1978

China (Mainland)

1980s (electric heaters)  


Aladdin International Corp
Aladdin Japan Ltd.  
AIC Japan Corporation  
Tokyo 1960? – Present
Dainippon Ink & Chemical 1984-????

Hong Kong*

ca. 1927- Present
Auw Pit Seng Trading Company  
Yung Tack Cheong Hardware Manufactory Ltd.  

Australia/New Zealand

Aladdin Industries Pty. Limited  
Sydney 1923-1949
Melbourne 1929-1945
Wellington 1929-1940 or 41


Buenos Aires 1929-1945


M. Agostini Comercio-Industria S.A.  
Rio De Janeiro 1960-2001?


James AladdinTM ET chepare-Gil S.  
Montevideo 1970s-1980s

Aladdin’s annual report in 1977 listed Aladdin Synergetics (Temp-Rite) operating in England, Sweden, France, Germany and Iceland since 1973. The report included joint ventures in Canada, England, Australia, Iraq, Iran, Brazil, Japan, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, France, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, and South Africa. Temp-Rite was sold in 1998.
Aladdin’s 1983 anniversary report proclaimed Nashville as world headquarters with affiliates in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Sweden and Venezuela. Aladdin Industries Inc. became Aladdin Industries LLC in 1998.

2The factory in Alexandria was listed on letterheads and on some price
lists during the 1940s and 1950s. Greenford Products was a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Industries Ltd. selling Aladdin heaters in the USA. In 1999 Aladdin LLC sold the lamp division to the Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company which moved to Clarksville, TN in 2000.

3Winnipeg was operated solely as a warehouse after 1929. Montreal started as a mail-order house. Aladdin assembled kerosene and electric lamps in Toronto beginning in 1945. Aladdin chimneys were produced in Canada but we do not know who made them.

4Aladdin Industries Ltd. also had licensing arrangements for manufacture or sale of products in Uruguay, South Africa (Atlas in Johannesburg and Caswells in Durban), Dem. Rep. Of The Congo (United Africa Co. in Kinshasa) and Japan. “Afrikaaner Aladdin” lamps date to the early 1970s. Hartlepool was primarily a location for manufacture of vacuum bottles. Aladdin also has an interest in Hattersley Narrow Fabrics (manufacturer of wicks) in Keighley, England.

5The company is still in business but stopped producing Aladdin heaters about 1978.

6Auw Pit Seng Trading Co. was primarily a purchasing agent for Aladdin and is still in business as an alcoholic beverage trader. Read a tribute to Auw Pit Seng by his son at

7 Chimneys, mantles, wicks, burners and lamps were made in Brazil for Aladdin Industries, Inc.

8 Radiant heater production.

Appreciation for review and contributions:

Lillian Jenkins, Anthony Joint, Joe Piot, Jim Kelso, Milton Smith, Julian dela Guardia, Maria Moncivaez, Tom Small, John Claypole, Rex Christensen and James Evans. The Aladdin Worldwide sign courtesy of Dick and Debbie Patak.