Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

J. W. "Bill" Courter

J. W. "Bill" Courter is an eclectic collector of antique oil lamps; especially Aladdin lamps made since 1908. He discovered the "Magic of Aladdin" when he bought a kerosene (coal oil) Aladdin lamp for emergency light in 1965. The strong, white light of the Model B Corinthian stimulated his curiosity. Since then he has written several books about Aladdin lamps, Angle lamps and other antique lighting.

The Aladdin lamp is the world's finest non-electric lamp and is still made today. An eight page History of Aladdin Lamps giving dates and models of lamps is free for asking.
Courter, who is known by collectors as the Bright Knight, has published The Mystic Light of the Aladdin Knights newsletter since 1973. Courter is professor emeritus, University of Illinois.
Bill and his wife Treva enjoy six cats, gardening and their Koi pond in West McCracken County, Kentucky. Their Aladdin and antique lamps are used for utility and decorative purposes, as well as pure enjoyment.

Books and Published Information
Aladdin-The Magic Name in Lamps, Revised 1997
Aladdin Electric Lamps, 1987
Aladdin Collectors Manual and Price Guide, 2006
Aladdin Electric Lamps Collector's Manual & Price Guide, 2006
Angle Lamps Collectors Manual & Price Guide, 1992
A-Ladd-in Service newsletters (reprinted from WWII years)
Light and Heat from Hydrocarbon Appliances, by Herman U. Lahde (reprint)
Record Prices of Aladdin Lamps, updated annually
Several reprints of antique lighting catalogues