Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

Is it Aladdin?



Aladdins came in many shapes and sizes - and not just lamps. Some were made by Aladdin Industries, or the Mantle Lamp Company, but many were not.

In this section we will bring photos and descriptions of the many faces of "Aladdin". To answer the question "What exactly is an Aladdin?", we'll show you what isn't. And being a good collector means not only knowing the product your collecting, but just as importantly, knowing the other products that are often confused with what you really seek.

So within these pages we will be bringing you all that is Aladdin, yet really isn't! Confused? Don't worry. As these pages grow you'll get to know your lamps and real Aladdin products much better by being able to identify what is not Aladdin.

Aladdin - Muncie Lamps

One of the most common questions: “I have an Aladdin lamp I cannot find in your book.” I ask: “Do you plug it in, or fill it up?” Answer: “It is an electric lamp, we plug it in. The base is marked Aladdin Mfg. Co., Muncie, Ind.”

The Aladdin Manufacturing Company sold portable electric lamps under the brand name of Aladdin from 1919 to 1936. The company was located in Muncie, Indiana, about an hour east of Alexandria, Indiana where Aladdin Industries produced Aladdin kerosene and electric lamps.

Commonly the Aladdin-Muncie lamp has a cast iron base embossed with the name under the bottom. Paper labels were also used. The glass shades were reverse painted and were not marked or signed. Most of these shades were created with water soluble paints and were not permanently fired. Be very careful cleaning them.

A lengthy court battle ensued over the Aladdin trademark during 1934 and 1935. The final decision gave the Mantle Lamp Company of America (Chicago) and Aladdin Industries (Alexandria) the sole right to use the name “Aladdin” on lamps and lamp shades. The Aladdin Mfg. Co. changed its name to General Lamps Company in 1936.