Aladdin Knights of the Mystic Light

The Many Faces of Aladdin

The name Aladdin has been trademarked for many products other than lamps and lighting.

Aladdin Magic Vaporizer, kills insects, with original instructions found by Bill & Treva Courter. Made by M & M Mfg. Co., Amarillo, Texas. No date. “Use the vapor method to control many annoying insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, gnats and other small flying insects.” One capsule treats 1000 cubic feet. The ceramic pot available in yellow, green, rose, chartreuse, and black. No gift could be finer on the occasions of Christmas, weddings, births, Mother’s or Father’s Day.

Many companies used the word "Aladdin" Examples of “Aladdin” products range from coffee and soap to matches and door knockers. Courtesy Fil Graff.

Aladdin HomesAladdin Homes, Bay City, Michigan was a leading fabricator of pre-built homes 1907-1987. The company used the Aladdin name on many items used in their homes including stoves, furnaces, hardware, paint, doors, vacuum cleaners and electric lights (before Aladdin Industries).