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The Aladdin Mantle Lamp Company Web Site!
The proud manufacturer of the world's only non-pressurized incandescent kerosene mantle lamp! Always adding something, but essentially complete. Enjoy and rejoice in the knowledge that this 100year-old tradition of excellence will continue for years to come.

Sponsor of the annual Gathering of Aladdin lamp collectors and the International Show and Sale
National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors

Clubs / Individuals
The International Guild of Lamp Researchers The International Guild of Lamp Researchers: Here is a very good site dedicated to the researching of Antique Artifical Lighting. If your looking for information on an 'unknown' lamp, here is the place to ask.
The Coleman Collector's Network The Coleman Collector's Network: The International Coleman Collectors Club (I.C.C.C.) is a not for profit organization with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge amongst its members and promoting the legacy of the Coleman Company and its founder William Coffin Coleman.
Collecting Aladdin Kerosene Lamps Collecting Aladdin Kerosene Lamps: Packed full of very useful information, extensive photo gallery and tips and tricks, this is a 'must see' for beginning and seasoned collectors alike!
Dennis Hearn Oil Lamp Collection Dennis Hearn Oil Lamp Collection: A fellow knight with lamps for sale, lists of upcomming auctions, a classified section, and much more. Check out what he's got going today!
Jeff's Streetlight Site Jeff's Street Light Site: Photo Gallery, Road & Highway Stuff, other Roadside stuff, and many other lights and links to other lighting sites. Quite alot of fun!
Lamps and Lanterns Lamps and Lanterns of our Ancestors: Here's a brief history of lamps and lanterns as well as information on other types of kerosene lamps like Angle Lamps, Store Lamps, and Banquet Lamps.
Lamps Lamps Lamps Lamps Lamps Lamps: Go here for a fellow Aladdin Knight's Web Site devoted to Lamps and collecting. If you have an Aladdin Lamp to sell, it may be just the one he's looking to buy!
TeriAnn TeriAnn's Aladdin Lamp Homepage: Everyone needs to collect something. Collecting seems to be a dominant human gene. My collector gene has lead me to collect Aladdin kerosene lamps. And of course since I'm also a data junkie I've collected a lot of information about these lamps to share.
Pressure Lamps Unlimited Pressure Lamps Unlimited: A constantly growing list of Pressure Lamp Manufactures from around the world with links to many home pages. This is a great resource for finding information on that gas lamp in your attic!
Rushlite Club The Rushlight Club: for Collectors of Antique Lighting Devices. "Whether you are a Club member, a serious student or collector of lighting, a dealer or are simply researching a family lamp, we hope you will take advantage of the website resources."
The Collectors Weekly: a resource for collectors and people who love antiques. Our goal is to build a great place to explore and learn about collecting, and a showcase for the passion and knowledge of collectors everywhere.
Historical Lighting Society of Canada
Historical Lighting Society of Canada is a group of lighting enthusiasts from Canada, the US and around the world. Founded in 1981, we tend to focus on lighting of the kerosene era, though we have members who collect all types of lighting.
Associated Kerosene & Oil Lamps - Australia Associated Kerosene & Oil Lamps - Australia: Parts and supplies for Aladdin and other oil lamps including kerosene pressure lamps, stoves, heaters and fridges. Second hand parts also available for most oil lamps!
Antique Lamp & Lighting Antique Lamp & Lighting: "A distributor of Aladdin kerosene and electric lamps and parts - with a strong dedication to delivering only genuine Aladdin products."
A Bit of Antiquity A Bit of Antiquity: A site that buys, sells, and restores lamps and parts, he has developed a love affair with antique lighting. Another excellent resource on the Web for lamps!
Collector Online Collector Online: Devoted entirely to antiques and collectables. They offer an Antique Mall, Clasified Ads, collectors clubs, and more. Quite an extensive resource!
The Everburning Light The Everburning Light - Australia : Specializing in Aladdin Lamps - mantles, wicks, chimneys, shades. Also new and original parts for Miller, Rochester and English lamps. Pressure lamps & stoves. Kerosene heaters.
Good Pickin's Good Pickin's: And yes it is! Wonderful selection and wonderful prices on new Aladdin Lamps and parts. Photos and prices of many of their items. A must visit.
Jack's Country Store Jack's Country Store: Factory-authorized distributor of genuine Aladdin lamps and parts. Full selection includes many non-catalog and limited-edition items. Knights vendor. Retail and wholesale.
Lake Bathurst Cottage Collectables Lake Bathurst Cottage Collectables: Specialising in Oil and Kerosene Lamps.We sell spare parts,Shades,Chimneys,Wicks,Mantles,Burners etc for most Kerosene Lamps. Agents for Aladdin Kerosene/Mantle lamps.
The Magic Lamp The Magic Lamp: The Magic Lamp offers an outstanding selection of table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers - both in traditional lighting and genuine antiques. We are a stocking Aladdin Dealer and carry a complete line of genuine Aladdin lamps and replacement parts as well old Aladdin Lamps both kerosene and electric.
Ole Smoky Ole Smoky General Store: Treasures, Replicas Local Craftsmen. Tennessee-made Country Ham, Rockers and Swings, Grandfather Clocks, Antiques, Collectibles, Replicas, Toys, Oil Lamps, Books
Southern Lamp and Supply Southern Lamp and Supply: A North Carolina dealer of Aladdin Lamps and Suplies as well as Kosmos Lamps, Railroad Lanterns & Lamps, Adlake Lamps and Parts and much much more!
Sparkle Plenty Glassware Sparkle Plenty Glassware: Depression Glass, Elegant Glassware, Collectible Glass from the 40's, 50's, and 60's, and Depression-Era Kitchenware. Forty easy-to-use pages with over 1000 pictures.
The Wooden Shoe The Wooden Shoe: We are an authorized Aladdin dealer. We have an enormous array of merchandise available that is not currently advertised on our website.
Lehman's Non Electric Store Lehman's Non Electric Store: Lehman's is the source for hard-to-find non-electric hardware, lamps, laterns and other useful and old fashioned items over 3000 items online... more items that in our print catalog!
Be-Back-Later Be-Back-Later: "Hollands 1st" Aladdin Knight. The Place to light up your life with Petromax, Aida and Aladdin.