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Ice Storm '09

Ice Storm '09An ice storm with freezing rain paralyzed Western Kentucky since Jan. 27. Some 800,000 homes lost power and 35 died, including a young worker from Minnesota. The power grid and communications were knocked out, nearly completely for the first few days. Stores and gas stations operated on cash. Tree limbs crashed down weighted with ice and sound of rifle shots. Much tree damage, looks like war zone.

Massive cleanup will take months in entire area. Crews from Nashville and other states cut trees along roadsides. Possibly the worst natural disaster KY history.

I ran one frig & freezer and some lights and heaters on temporary power with a 7000 watt generator loaned by Harold & KD. I kept three Aladdin lamps burning for light and gas log for heat.

We had no power, no water, no phone until day 20 when a crew from North Carolina restored power. Five men were on our deck at 6:45 AM discussing the damage. Was this a dream, Sunday morning after Valentine's Day? Five hours later we had two new 35-foot poles, new transformer and POWER!



The collecting world has lost Aladdin Icon

Aladdin Lamps Illuminated The World

Victor S. Johnson, Jr. illuminates Caroline Johnson, his granddaughter, by Aladdin's light 2004. Photo courtesy Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co., Clarksville, TN.

Victor S. Johnson, Jr.
June 12, 1916 — January 19, 2008

The Mantle Lamp Co. of America was founded by V. S. Johnson Sr. in Chicago in 1908. He died suddenly in 1943. His son V. S. Johnson Jr. became president. He moved the company to Nashville, changing the name to Aladdin Industries, Inc. in 1949.

Aladdin lamps have been made in many countries and have lighted millions of homes around the world. The Aladdin lamp will be 100 years old on September 25, 2008.
Victor S. Johnson, Jr. was an industrial and civic lion, and one of ten most influential people in Nashville. He kept the Aladdin alive, despite declining sales, due to his love of the lamp created by his father. Johnson supported collectors and attended Gatherings of Aladdin Knights in Nashville. The lamp division was purchased by 14 passionate Aladdin Knights in 1999 to continue manufacture in Clarksville, TN.
Johnson helped establish Nashville landmarks including the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and MetroCenter. He was especially proud of his work with Meharry Medical College in Nashville.
Aladdin Knights and the National Association of Aladdin Lamp Collectors send their condolences to the Johnson families

PHOTO Caption
Victor S. Johnson, Jr. illuminates Caroline Johnson, his granddaughter, by Aladdin's light 2004. Photo courtesy Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co., Clarksville, TN.


Celebration of Life - Treva Nell Courter

July 12, 1937 to April 23, 2007

Treva CourterBald Knob Graveyard April 26, 2007

J. W. “Bill” Courter

Footprints in the Sands of Time are not made by sitting down.

Treva Courter was buried in the Kelley family graveyard at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, April 26. The graveyard, off Kelley Road in McCracken County, was established by her great-great (many greats) Aunt Harriett in 1858. Rev. Bill Miller, Pastor McKendree Methodist, and Rev. Ellen Strickland, Baptist Pastor and Lady of the Aladdin Knights, conducted services.

Treva touched many lives, her friends circle the globe. Treva leaves footprints in our hearts and will be deeply missed by everyone who knew her.

I thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, love and cards.


Treva Courter Obituary